Chamber music

Duo Eka & Edu

Ekaterina Uvarova (guitar) & Eduardo Villarroel Mera (clarinet)

The Eka & Edu Duo was created in 2022 by Ekaterina Uvarova (Russia) and Eduardo Villarroel Mera (Spain). Born several thousand kilometers apart, the musicians met in the Netherlands while obtaining their Master’s Degrees at Fontys University (Tilburg). 

Inspired by the combination of guitar and clarinet and passionate about music, the duo seeks unusual colors in sound and brings a special touch to the original repertoire, composed especially for their instruments. Despite the short period, the duo has already performed in several concerts in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Tilburg, Helvoirt, Roermond, Echt) and live on the radio Concertzender (Utrecht). Recently, the duo won the First Prize in the audition by the “Sterk Onversterkt” organization, where was granted a performance in the new concert season in Belgium.

The members of the duo are always open to experiments with contemporary music. Thus, due to the collaboration between the guitarist Ekaterina Uvarova and Dutch composer Maurick Reuser was created a piece for guitar and clarinet, and later got First Prize at the International competition “The Time of the Guitar”.

In addition to performing an original repertoire, the duo also makes their own transcriptions of popular music composed for other instruments.

Muselia Duo

Ekaterina Uvarova (guitar) & Alexandra Leonova (violin)

The Muselia Duo consists of Ekaterina Uvarova (classical guitar) and Alexandra Leonova (violin) and it was formed in 2018. Ekaterina obtained her Master’s Degree at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences (FHK) and now continues studying at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague. Alexandra is currently a Master’s student at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerpen (Belgium).

The duo has already been a part of several festivals, including the famous festival of chamber music Storioni(Eindhoven, the Netherlands) and GentClassicFest (Ghent, Belgium). As a part of a musical company “La Strada”, the duo has been actively performing in several European countries: Germany, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The program consists of more than 50 pieces of various styles, starting from original classical duo pieces to arrangements of orchestral music and movie music.